IT Data Management Services

Experienced IT data management services for the oil & gas industry

Your petroleum data assets are at the core of your business. It is this data on which you base all your exploration, drilling and production decisions. These assets need to be accurate, accessible to the user, need to be used efficiently, and should be protected.

Ensure Accessibilty and Integrity of Your Strategic Data Assets

The Business Value

Is changing your data environment worth the cost? GeoComputing consultants can work with your staff and management to determine the impact of change to key business drivers. This, in turn, can help you align spending in a way that is sustainable over time.

Data Strategy

GeoComputing can help you develop a sustainable data management strategy that suits the business style of your organization. Without a strategy you are often left just reacting to the latest "crisis". It is important to develop a consistent data management culture that will survive changes in leadership, staff, process, technology, and geography.

Data Management as a Service

GeoComputing can provide stand-alone services or provide this as part of a full data, application, and infrastructure service suite. The objective of these services will be to reduce cycle time and increase accuracy of data loading to G&G interpretation software projects, optimize data delivery to the technical workstation, measure and monitor quality metrics for data loading and processing activities, and enhance archive and restore capability. GeoComputing provides seismic and well data loading, value-add data management, G&G project cleanup, conversion, and consolidation, plus asset acquisition data audit and assimilation.

Data Loading

Geoscientists require daily support for data management in the Linux environment on software such as Decision Space Geoscience, and in the Windows environment on Petrel/Studio. GeoComputing can assist in taking delivery of physical media from your records management team, provide quality assurance of delivered data, and load seismic, well, and interpretation data to most G&G interpretation software platforms. We will work with the geoscience staff to ensure data has been loaded properly and to their satisfaction.

Project Archive & Restore

It is vital to ensure high performance storage availability and it is a good practice not to keep inactive G&G projects and data on production storage. When online G&G projects are not relevant to current exploration and production priorities and fall out of use after a period of time, it becomes necessary to move them to lower-tier storage or an archive service so that high performance storage is preserved for high priority work. GeoComputing can manage archive and restore services and provide metadata and quality reports of archive contents.

Data File Management

Prior to loading, it is essential to ensure adequate target storage for incoming data and not fill up production storage space. GeoComputing can provide data monitoring and reports of G&G projects and external geoscience data files such as unstructured SEG-Y and associated storage. These reports can be used to monitor data capacity, file duplication, aging files, and un-accessed data files. File management can include move, copy, archive, and delete.